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Top Mobile Phones 2011 List

These days, having a mobile phone is very important for daily life and business activities. In this article of top mobile phones 2011, I will provide you with the list of the best phones on the market, as well as the top tips to guide you how to choose a phone that you really need to purchase. Guides to buy phones online are very important because not only you can save your money, but you also save your time, you can order it online easily. However, it can end that you purchase in a wrong website, since you can't check or feel the goods with your own hand.

Before you buy phone online, I suggest you to consider these following:

Decide first, what requirements you really need from a phone. If it is enough to buy one that can do text messaging or SMS, then I recommend you to avoid buying a full featured phone which is obviously more expensive. Consider about the budget you have. Everyone wants to buy the cool looking phones, but they are surely more expensive than the simple one. Since electronic prices will drop in a few years after the products are released, it is probably best for you to wait until it has more reasonable price. Let's move on to the top mobile phone 2011 list.

1. iPhone 4.

Apple is a very popular electronic manufacturer, and iPhone 4 is definitely a phone with complete features that most people want to have. Various applications, fast internet connectivity, and luxury design of iPhone 4 are the factors to make this product as the most powerful phone out there.

2. HTC mobile phone.

Business communications have to work fast and effective, HTC phone is a good product when it comes to fast performance and quality.

3. Samsung Galaxy S.

As giant electronic manufacturer, Samsung has released the best Samsung phone ever. The design, quality and functionality are so much developed to be the top phone this year.

4. Google Nexus S.

Featuring AMOLED screen, that makes Google Nexus to be one of our top mobile phones 2011. The super fast internet speed is the value that people love from this device.

5. Nokia N8.

Since years, Nokia has been a great cell phone developer, they released the new Nokia N8. This device is completed with the amazing Symbian^3 Operating System, as well as other features, for example, media player, super camera, and big storage to store your files.

6. Blackberry Torch.

User friendly keyboard which is called QWERTY keyboard is the great feature in this unit. If you use your phone device to do emailing often, Blackberry Torch is the right device. The list of mobile phones above are not the end of best brand for cellphones out there, therefore you can check out another top devices, such as LG, Motorolla, and others.

I suggest you to check online reviews of the related product before you decide to purchase a mobile phone.