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  • New Mobile Phones on the Block
    Technology is rapidly progressing and this is not new to all those who are up-to-date with the recent developments in this arena. The most frequently used advanced technologies are the mobile phones and in countries like the UK, mobile phones are passe while smart phones are the new in-thing. Amongst the new mobile phones that have been released in this segment of voguish smart phones, there is one phone that has created extreme vibes in the market as the fastest phone developed ever. Now why we call it the fastest phone, you will soon find out.
  • Latest Mobile Phones 2011
    Latest handsets have got a lot of attraction from the users in the early stage, but the popularity depends on the performance of the handset. Here, you can find a lot of announced and coming soon handsets in the UK market where the network providers would be launching the all with their mobile phone deal. All the mobile companies have announced their handsets in the market, but there are also some mobile manufacturers here, which have attracted the users a lot.
  • Mobile Phones Developing New Business Uses
    The "mobile wallet" idea is similar to what was being pushed in the 90s as "M-Commerce" -- using cell phones as mobile payment devices. But the current manifestation of the idea sees mobile wallets also carrying electronic versions of other things usually found in wallets -- membership cards, loyalty cards, and other forms of identification.