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The Future of Mobile Phones - What's Next?

The mobile phones we have today and their functionality are already beyond the imagination of consumers a few years ago. Wireless internet browsing, and stunning 3D games can be had on our modern mobile phones, that often are more powerful than the computers we had a few years back. How will the future look when it comes to cell phones?

First of all, we will begin seeing more payment technologies on mobile phones. In the future, mobile phones will come built with NCC technologies, which means you can pay directly with your phone, by placing it on a NCC-receiver surface. Credit cards will become obsolete, which is why payment giants Visa and MasterCard are now making investments in this area. By 2015, it is estimated that more than half of American consumers, and almost 80% of those below age 35, will use financial services directly from their cell phones, analysts say.

When it comes to health care, people are currently experimenting with technology to improve patient care. Innovations in this area can help drive treatment costs down and ultimately save lives. In the future, mobile phone use is expected to grow. Currently, we already have 5 billion cell phone users, and this year (2011) we will see smartphone users surpass regular cell phone users by numbers in the USA.

With the free and open source Android platform, we will see more and more Chinese manufacturers coming in and making better and cheaper phones that challenge the status quo. One example is Meizu, who have released the Meizu M9 to much fanfare all around the world.

In this article, we have explored the future in mobile phone use in regards to healthcare, financial services, and their prices. However, the wide adoption and continued development of phones will have wide implications that surely will affect all parts of our lives.